Feed a homeless dog

We need your help to prevent this animal welfare catastrophe.

We saw the devastation that the last lockdown caused to the stray dog population, restaurants and markets closed, volunteer feeding groups banned from going outside and a chronic food shortage made the lives of stray dogs in Nepal even harder. Without warning Nepal has now been thrown into another strict lockdown to control the dramatic rise of Covid cases across the country as the problem spills over from India into Nepal. 

Homeless dogs living on the streets of Kathmandu number in the tens of thousands. Basically all are already undernourished and in ill health, from years of neglect compounded by restrictions and lack of food from the lack of lockdown. We do not want to see dogs starving on our streets and puppies that have to go days or even weeks without food. 

You can help prevent this. A bowl of rice and chicken to feed a hungry stray dog costs a little as £0.20/$0.25 and the exchange rate works in our favour, so your donation can go even further. Our team is deployed on the ground ready to go. We are hoping with enough support to buy 80kg of chicken and 25kg of rice so we can feed 1500 dogs over the next 30 days.

Please see photos and videos of our work below – they give a sense of just how many animals are in need. Puppies and mothers and the malnourished, there are thousands of street dogs in Kathmandu and we cannot ignore them during their time of need.

Thank you.

It only costs around £0.20/$0.25/30 rupees to feed a street dog a meal of chicken and rice. This means that:

  • £5 = 25 meals
  • £10 = 50 meals
  • £25 = 125 meals
  • £50 = 250 meals
  • £100 = 500 meals
  • £250 = 1250 meals

Even small amounts of money go a long way in Nepal, and your donation will have a big impact for animals in need.

Become a Street Dog Guardian

Aims: The need to feed stray dogs is going to be a continuous one. If dogs are too skinny they are at risk of a range of diseases and they can not be spayed (sterilized) as surgery carries too much risk. 

Objective: We need to keep the health of the stray dog population up even after covid restrictions end to ensure they can recover from the numerous lockdowns that have pushed the population to the brink of starvation. 

Project: We need to run a sustainable feeding program. There are dogs all over the city at risk of extreme malnutrition and even death. We survey and map those areas with dogs of the lowest body condition scores, and provide targeted support to help all stray dogs through this difficult time. With your help we will increase all the dogs back to a healthy weight necessary to support the longer welfare goal, of providing safe, mass sterilization to stray animals. 

How You Can Help: We need 10-15 amazing people to become Street Dog Guardians for us £10 a month. This £10 a month will be able to sustain our feeding program to 1000s of dogs each month making sure we can

Email: [email protected] for more details or to ask any questions.