Rabies Day

World Rabies Day is a global initiative started in 2007 to raise awareness for and bring together various stakeholders engaged in improving human and animal health through the prevention of this awful disease.

In Nepal, World Rabies Day 2018 brought together different teams across Kathmandu which have each worked to vaccinate dogs and educate the public in rabies prevention. Coordinating and harmonizing the efforts to eliminate rabies from Nepal is particularly important to avoid duplicating our work and missing important trends.

For example, when a canine rabies case is confirmed, it is crucial to communicate this fact effectively so that dogs in the area around where the case was identified can be vaccinated, thus isolating the virus and preventing a larger epidemic.

KAT Centre has for 14 years been a major stakeholder in the create a rabies-free Nepal, and thanks to our vaccination efforts, at least 30,000 dogs have been saved from a painful and agonizing death, as well as countless human lives.

KAT Centre staff and supporters leading a demonstration through the city

KAT Centre staff and supporters on World Rabies Day 2018


As well as bringing people together in a dialogue, World Rabies Day is also an opportunity to carry out mass vaccination drives across the city.

Through these efforts, rabies is prevented in a humane and safe way, removing the fear and hatred that some people feel for dogs due to worries about their safety. Through education and understanding, we can transform the way that people view and treat the street dogs of Kathmandu.

For World Rabies Day 2018, KAT Centre staff carried out numerous vaccinations in the heart of the city to share this ethos with the public.

KAT Staff comfort a street dog while it receives a vaccination

Befriending dogs outside of Tribhuvan Teaching Hospital


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World Rabies Day 2020 will be held on the 28th of September, and KAT Centre staff will once again participate and carry out vaccinations across the city. All of our supporters are invited to attend and show their support for this important cause.

Nevertheless, this event covers just one day, and the fight to eliminate rabies from Nepal is a longer battle that we rally towards throughout the whole year.

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