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Full time internships

Beyond volunteering on a casual basis, for veterinary students and those wishing to gain professional experience we also offer full time internships which meet the requirements for international universities and which can be taken as part of your clinical rotations.

As an intern at KAT Centre working alongside our experienced surgeons, you will have the opportunity to learn different approaches to veterinary medicine and help to treat illnesses and injuries that are uncommon or unknown in developed countries. The hands on nature of KAT means that you will quickly start to learn new skills and to feel welcome and valued.

There are many different tasks you can get involved in at KAT. We will match your skills and expectations with the work available to give a rewarding experience to everyone. The longer you stay, the more you will learn and the more involved you will become.

As well as learning from us, we hope that you will share your insights with our team and through the cultural exchange enrich our team with new perspectives to maximise the treatment outcomes for all of our patients.

“Since I’ve been introduced to the KAT Centre I’ve been trying to go there as often as possible. When I’m not at the centre I really miss it. You get used to the positive energy and the loving atmosphere you find at the KAT Centre.”

– Anna Hoogendijk from The Netherlands

Learning opportunities

During your time at KAT, you will have opportunities to learn about the following:

  • Differences in treatment and management between Nepal and other countries.
  • Canine transmissible venereal tumours and other cancers.
  • Common types of skin diseases (eg mange – sarcoptic and demodectic).
  • Knowledge of local parasites and their interactions with host.
  • Wound management and associated treatment.
  • Differences between flank and mid line spays and the reasons and benefits of each.
  • Locally significant infectious diseases, and their causes and signs.
  • General operational activities of an NGO working in Nepal.


  • You should have completed at least one full year of education in a veterinary or medical field.
  • Please be willing to give at least two full weeks of your time – the longer that you stay, the more you will gain as you see patients from intake through the treatment process up until release.
  • In order to receive instructions and discuss case notes, it is important that you can confidently speak English (or Nepali).
  • We are a collaborative organisation, but please respect the direction of our veterinarians and consult with our veterinary staff before prescribing medications or treatments. Our vets and other staff are positioned to make the final decisions about what happens with any particular patient.
  • All interns should be up to date with tetanus and rabies vaccinations. If you aren’t able to get the vaccinations before you come to Nepal (which we highly recommend) it is possible to get them in Kathmandu.


Make an application

We recognise that our staff and volunteers play an important role in the future development of the charity and that without their commitment and dedication, our mission can never be achieved. For this reason, we sincerely thank you for your interest in working with us and we hope that you will find the experience enjoyable and beneficial.

If you are interested in volunteering and have read all of the relevant information and understand what we do, please download and complete the application form and send it to us at [email protected]

Technical Volunteers (Veterinarians, Vet Students, & Vet Techs / Nurses / Paravets):

After completing the application form, please send it to the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre by email, by post, or simply bring it to us.

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