World Animal Day

Beginning in 1925, World Animal Day is a global celebration that seeks to highlight the cause of animal welfare and to spread awareness and compassion for animals in every way. It is observed on the 4th of October every year, the feast day of the Francis of Assisi, known as the patron saint of animals in the Christian world.

In recent years, the Nepali government have done an excellent job in raising the profile of this event and encouraging participation across the country. In 2018 there were large crowds of people demonstrating through the streets of Nepal, both as organisations and as caring individuals.

As always, KAT Centre was delighted to participate!

KAT Centre staff and supporters marching through the streets

The banner used by KAT in 2018

Many other organisations also attended the demonstration


Events like World Animal Day are important to us because they attempt to change the way that people view animals, something that we feel is particularly of need in Nepal.

As a charity, it is not merely our goal to treat, vaccinate and spay the street dogs of Kathmandu. We are also working to bring about a cultural shift, to spread education and awareness of the sentience of animals.

This goal falls in line with a movement that has emerged calling for improvements in animal rights and animal welfare, a movement that has spread across the world and is now truly global.

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