Cat Hospital and Treatment Clinic

While our focus in the past has been predominantly on dogs, since they account for the majority of the animals on the streets of Kathmandu, we have always received reports of injured and abandoned cats and where possible we have always admitted them to our centre.

“An exciting new project currently in development at KAT Centre!”

Nonetheless, our ability to rescue cats has always been limited in capacity – when our modest sized cattery became full and we could find no extra spaces in our spare kennels, we would be forced to say no to the requests we received. Only 5-10 cats could comfortably be housed at any one time, and this was of course something that we wanted to change.

After moving to our new site in September 2017, we planned to expand our facilities to allow us to rescue and treat more animals than ever before, including a brand new building specially designed to treat cats. Nothing like this has been seen before in Nepal.


From early 2018 we began planning for a new building that would allow us to treat more dogs as part of our Animal Birth Control (ABC) program.

This new set of kennels was intended to simply house dogs over one level, but after consultation and a consideration of the costs, we found that adding a second storey to this building would be a cost-effective means of maximizing our use of space. This second floor was ideal for our needs and would be large enough to contain everything that we required, including:

  1. An entry clinic that allowed us to screen new cats upon their being brought to the centre by KAT staff or members of the public. This would also be used to keep organised records of the background and medical history of every cat that came under our care
  2. A surgery area that would allow us to spay and perform procedures on our cats without having to move them long to the other end of our site where they would be unnecessarily stressed through contact with dogs.
  3. A short term housing area for cats being spayed and neutered.
  4. A middle term recovery area and nursery for cats rescued and treated for a longer period.
  5. Four cat houses each capable of holding up to 10 cats, depending on their size and ability to mix with others.

With these new facilities we could treat dozens of cats in a comfortable, clean and peaceful environment.


This is the first large-scale cat hospital in Nepal and is a big project which has been developed with the expertise of both Western specialists and Nepalese feline experts.

We have now completed a large long term rehabilitation area which is already housing a number of cats, but we are not yet finished with our vision, and as a result this addition to our centre is still under construction – check back soon for updates!

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