Right now in Nepal, tens of thousands of stray animals are without food, shelter and medical care.
We are working to end that suffering.


rabies vaccines administered


birth control surgeries performed


emergency rescues conducted


homes found through adoption


We work in four key areas

We rescue helpless animals in their hour of need

Every day our ambulance collects critically sick and injured animals, bringing them back to our vets for emergency treatment and loving care.

We deliver effective solutions to the street dog population crisis

Informed by cutting edge science and with animal welfare in mind, we are humanely managing the street dog population of Nepal.

We’re defeating one of the world’s most deadly diseases

Rabies has been bringing terror to the heart of mankind for millennia and still claims thousands of fatalities each year. We’re working to defeat it.

We’re teaching people life saving knowledge

Our education programs give children and adults the tools they need to survive; teaching them to live alongside animals in safety and harmony.

You Can Make a Difference


Over the years, thanks to the generous support of our donors and supporters, we have been able to rescue and treat thousands of animals.

As a charity receiving no money from the government, we can only continue our work with your help.

“Our programs urgently need to be extended to other parts of the city, and Nepal as a whole, where there are still many regions with absolutely no provision for injured animals and where innocent people and animals continue to die needlessly from rabies. The simple fact is that every animal that we rescue and every vaccine that we give entails an additional cost for our organisation, and the more that we help, the more that our costs rise.”

Please consider making a donation today.


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