My name is Suntala

Gender: Female

Age: 9 months

Arrived at KAT: February 2020

Disabled: Yes

My story…

My name is Suntala and I began life in a breeding farm in Kathmandu – I have beautiful light grey fur and orange eyes, and I was quickly bought by a couple and taken home.

To tell the truth, they didn’t have the time to care for an adventurous young kitten and wanted me to be more like a cuddly toy that they could play with sometimes. One day I was exploring outside on the terrace and I fell and slipped down onto the ground below. I was lucky to be alive, but one of my legs was badly broken.

My family contacted a vet and were told that the treatment needed for me to recover would cost 10,000 rupees or more, and they could not afford that so I was abandoned in the street all alone. Eventually, a passer-by contacted the KAT Centre and I was rescued.

Like the other disabled cats living here, the chances of me being adopted are low and due to my limited ability to move around, it isn’t safe for me to be released as I can’t properly run away or defend myself from predators. This means I am dependent on the shelter that KAT Centre provides.

Please sponsor me so that I and others like me can continue to get the care that we need.

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