My name is Sarna

Gender: Female

Age: 7 years and 3 months

Arrived at KAT: July 2016

Disabled: No

My story…

My name is Sarna and I was found living near to Swoyambhunath, which is also called the Monkey Temple, by two tourists back in the summer of 2016.

Life had been tough for me and I was at that point struggling to survive. The many dogs and monkeys that live in this area were always competing for food and if I wanted to try to take some, they would threaten to bite me horribly. Lack of nutrition left me hungry and skinny, and this in turn weakened my immune system so that my skin was badly eaten by mites.

I was a very thin, dejected dog covered in mange. Nobody wanted me and nobody cared for me.

After being found by these two tourists, who I sadly do not remember the name of, my life completely changed for the better. At KAT Centre I was given lots of rice and chicken, mixed with medicine for my skin condition, and I quickly gained weight. Whereas back then my fur had almost all fallen out, I now have a rich orange coat, and my new nickname is Moti – which means ‘chubby’ in Nepali – because I enjoy my food a bit too much, and don’t really enjoy running around in the hot weather.

My life really is so different now. On the streets it is a continuous struggle to survive because there simply isn’t enough resources to go around. At KAT Centre, I am comfortable and never go to sleep hungry. Please sponsor my continued care here.

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