My name is Mummy

Gender: Female

Age: 5 years and 8 months

Arrived at KAT: April 2018

Disabled: No

My story…

My name is Mummy and I was rescued in April 2018 after a very serious incident occured in my neighbourhood.

One of our friends had become sick and their behaviour had changed very suddenly, almost overnight. They developed a fever and from being friendly and peaceful, they had started to act erratically for no apparent reason. Things came to a climax when she started wildly attacking all of us, and I was bitten too. All of our community was alerted and the humans contacted KAT Centre. They were talking about rabies and we were all very scared.

I was particularly frightened because I knew I didn’t only have to worry about myself, but my babies too. I knew I was pregnant, and I wanted to live for the sake of my children. The team from KAT Centre visited and took all of us that had been injured away for treatment. They gave us vaccinations and luckily, I survived. One month later I gave birth to NINE beautiful puppies, and that is when I started to be called Mummy.

My children were all successfully adopted and I was spayed so that I couldn’t get pregnant again – I’ve had enough already! Since then I’ve continued to live at KAT Centre enjoying a great deal of freedom. So much so that I can walk around my new area freely and I regularly walk 2-3km away when I want to go and visit my friends. My big size and gentle behaviour means that I’m well liked and I don’t have any trouble from people or dogs. I especially like to follow KAT Centre volunteers home to their guest house, or sit outside cafes near to the main road, where I wait for people to feed me.

My story is a very positive one, but I see how many other dogs are suffering and how important it is for KAT Centre to be able to continue rescuing them. Please sponsor me so that we can all benefit from their love and care.

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