My name is Godita

Gender: Female

Age: 1 year and 0 months

Arrived at KAT: November 2020

Disabled: No

My story…

My name is Godita and I was rescued by KAT Centre after being the victim of very cruel treatment in my hometown in the south of Nepal. It’s a long way from Kathmandu and the people there are rough and don’t think highly of dogs. There are no organisations to help us and we are left to fend for ourselves.

The man who abused me was sent to jail and given a fine but the experience has left me feeling very scared and traumatized. Though I was not badly injured, the team that traveled 200km to Sarlahi decided that it would be best for me to return to Kathmandu with them.

Slowly I’m regaining confidence and learning to trust people again. It’s much quieter at KAT Centre and I don’t have to avoid cars on the road or the cruel people that take their frustrations out on innocent animals like myself who are just trying to find food to stay alive. I’m receiving lots of love and care and I have the chance to explore the natural landscape around the hills of Budhanilkantha where KAT is located.

Everyone loves me here and they all know my story. So many dogs receive treatment at KAT Centre, but to know that I am somehow *special* for the first time in my life really means a lot. Out of all of the dogs at KAT, I am the one that they have taken the most trouble to rescue and bring back!

I’m still on the first steps towards my recovery but I hope that one day I’ll find a loving family to adopt me. Until that day comes, please sponsor me so that I and the other traumatised dogs here can continue to live in peace and safety.

My early life on the streets of Sarlahi.

Being rescued and taken back to Kathmandu.

My new life of safety and comfort!

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