My name is Daisy

Gender: Female

Age: 10 months

Arrived at KAT: January 2020

Disabled: Yes

My story…

My name is Daisy and I’ve been at KAT Centre since the 26th of January 2020.

I still remember that day, though I spent most of it in a daze. Back then I was just a very vulnerable young kitten suffering on the streets. From my photos you can see what condition I was in when I first arrived – my face and chin had been badly grazed and one of my back legs had nearly been torn off. I’d been attacked by a group of dogs in my neighbourhood after walking outside one day.

My leg could not be saved, it had basically ‘died’ and was just hanging lifeless off of my body. At that time however I was too weak to have the surgery that I needed to remove it. I was so weak that the KAT Centre team was just working desperately to keep my body alive. They sedated me, gave me IV fluids, wrapped me up in blankets and placed me in front of the heater.

After days of intensive care, I was finally strong enough to have the surgery on my leg. It has been difficult coping with only three legs, but I’ve had to adapt to this new life from a very early age. The downside is that although I’m a very beautiful cat, people consider me to be damaged and don’t want to keep me as their pet. In the time that I’ve been at KAT Centre only a couple of visitors have shown an interest in me and they didn’t want to commit to having me. This means that I’m not sure how long I will be here for.

Please sponsor me so that I and the other disabled cats living here can continue to have a secure place to call home.

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