My name is Basil

Basil was rescued in October 2023 and is currently eligible for support through our palliative care program for senior dogs who have had a very tough life, have life-limiting injuries and cannot be released back to the streets.

Gender: Male

Age: 14 years

Arrived at KAT: October 2023

Disabled: Yes

My story…

Basil’s head bares the tell-tale scars that indicate he has met many horrible humans in his life. But the most alarming issue was the eye infection that after many years of neglect resulted in the condition we saw when we first came across in earlier this month.

Based on the smell and extent of the infection, it was clear Basil had been dealing with this injury for many months – long enough that the tissue had sadly started to rot, attracting flies which laid eggs inside his eye. The pain and irritation must have been unbearable, no wonder he was so tired when we found him – many days or even weeks unable to sleep with this pain.

When our rescue team arrived, somehow we knew he was waiting and immediately came up to us in search of help. The locals said his face has been this way for as long as they could remember – with some guessing as long as 6 months or a year, which is truly awful.

Extensive surgery at this age carries significant risks, but there was no way we were going to leave him in this state. Exhausted he was asleep on the operating table before we even gave him any medication.

The photos below show Basil being prepped for the long surgery ahead to remove the damaged eye and surrounding tissue and try to close the hole that had been left in his face from months and years of neglect.

Warning: Graphic Photos Below

The surgery was a success and Basil is recovering at our clinic. Our vets estimate his age to be around 14 years old. He is missing the majority of his teeth and has a number of underlying health issues, which are most likely life-limiting. Based on his prognosis Basil is eligible for our palliative care program for senior dogs.

With perhaps only 18-12 months of life left we want to finally give him the peace and love he deserves after such a hard life living on the streets.

Above, Basil is sleeping after his surgery. We will be uploading more photos as his recovery continues.

Despite all he has gone through he is a loveable and very gentle old boy, he is patient with the younger puppies and loves nothing more than having a cuddle with someone and sleeping in a warm spot in the office.

We are looking for ideally 2-3 sponsors who are willing to cover Basils monthly costs so he can live out the rest of his days in comfort. Please help give Basil the happy ending to his story by becoming a sponsor.

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