Christmas Feeding Appeal

Welcome and Merry Christmas! This year has been full of challenges for us all, including the KAT Centre. With so many problems to overcome, we want to finish the year on a high: by feeding as many stray dogs living on the street as we can!

Introducing the Street Dog Guardian Program. With your help we will make sure that every dog has a full belly this Christmas and every day after! It costs as little as 18p to provide a warm, nutritious meal of chicken and rice to a street dog in Nepal. This means that for just £12 a month you could keep a mother and her pup fed and happy. With winter setting in, this is more important now than ever.

We are still battling the knock on effects of covid-19 and have a big task ahead of us to sterilize and treat the 25,000 stray dogs in Kathmandu as well as the countless others beyond in Nepal as a whole. Until we can reach this point we need to keep the street dog population healthy, fed and safe.

Deworming: Dogs suffering from worms often do not gain weight, even when fed. This makes their fight for survival even harder. For malnourished dogs, it is essential that any food that they are given is used to provide them with the energy that they need to and stay alive.

As part of our project, and with help from the World Veterinary Service and Project V.E.T.S we want to de-worm as many street dogs as possible, ensuring that they get the most out of the food they are given this Christmas.

We want to deworm and provide a nutritious meal to every stray dog sleeping on the streets of Kathmandu by/over Christmas and with your help we will be able! It’s hard to live on the streets of Kathmandu, let’s make this Christmas a little brighter for 1000s of animals who do not have a home or even a meal this Christmas.

A little goes a long way in Nepal, LET’S MAKE THIS A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER

£1 Feed a dog a meal once a week 4 meals a month
£6 Keep a dog fed everyday for a month 30 meals a month
£12 Feed a mother and per pup for a month 60 meals a month
£30 Feed a pack/family of up to 5 dogs each month 150 meals a month
£45 Feed a whole street of stray dogs each month 250 meals a month
£90 Feed a small village of street dogs every month 500 meals a month

Even small amounts of money go a long way in Nepal, and your donation will have a big impact for animals in need. And now before Christmas it is also possible to give away your donation as a gift. Please click in the box before: I would like to gift my donation on the payment form. Gift certificate included!